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Pitti Immagine | #Pittilooksahead

Pitti Immagine | #Pittilooksahead

To all our exhibitors and buyers, co-workers, suppliers and stand builders, to all journalists and friends, to anyone who follows us: this message is for you

In full compliance with all the decrees published to date, we have promptly implemented all the measures necessary for guaranteeing the safety of the people who work at Pitti Immagine, both with and for us. We have also got ourselves organized in order to continue to be operational, using all the instruments, tools and networks available for working from home, in constant contact with each other, sector to sector… and with all of you.

What we want to tell you loud and clear is that we are all working hard to open next June’s fairs on the dates announced. We have never stopped. Put simply, it is our duty: no more or less than our duty towards you.

We are fully aware that this fair season will not be like all the others, it will be an exceptional season, combating the fear and the emergency. Not in order to remove them but rather with the aim of facing them and realistically laying down the foundations for a relaunch that is as rapid as possible.  For this reason, we have decided to invest.

We are, in fact, working on a dual track basis, physical and digital, with innovative and complementary services to boost the efficiency of the relationships between companies and buyers. The physical fair, rich in content and with even more new features, will be flanked by the e-PITTI Connect digital platform, which, beyond the current emergency, constitutes a patrimony that we have been developing for quite a long time and with which we will be launching a brand new and advanced version in June in order to offer new functionality, more contents and also remote interaction modes. With your contribution: we are a system and we work as a system, that is an undeniable treasure.

We want to continue to be a stable and safe point of reference, without concealing the difficulties and monitoring the evolution of the situation in Italy and around the world day by day, hour by hour.

We will continue to keep in contact, to stay up to date, to be flexible and fast, to adopt the most opportune measures reliably and with the necessary courage.  New scenarios will open up that will not always be predictable, we will work harder but, above all, better, drawing on both our as well as your creative skills. We are certainly not alone and will never be so because over all these years, even before creating a successful commercial event, we have built a true community with you.

In this regard, we should add one last thing.

As citizens, parents, children and members of wider communities, we would like to express our feelings of gratitude, affection and solidarity to the thousands of doctors, nurses and volunteers working in healthcare structures who have committed themselves to continuously taking care of us in the best possible way. If there are any heroes at this time, it is them.

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